11 points tutorial to learn Website Designing in only 30 Minutes.
ebsite Designing Tutorials:
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How to Select Designs

2] How to change Banner, Logo, Menu Style, Page Title, Sub Title & Footer Message
3] How to Create/Modify Links
4] How to Edit Text
5] How to Insert Images.
6] How to Insert Hyperlinks
7] How to change Text Color & Baground Color
8] How to Format Text.
9] How to add Page Title, Description & Keywords.
10] How to Publish the Website on your link/domain.
11] Test/Visit your Website

If you are not able to see above tutorials then click here and download the Flash Player and you will be able to see above mentioned 11 tutorials.

To practice click here after you finish learning above and create your first demo website and publish it online within 1 hour.